Happy on the cliff's edge, Nepali Coast, Kauai, May 2014

Happy on the cliff’s edge, Nepali Coast, Kauai, May 2014

I am a twenty-something originally from rural Arizona who has been living in Portland, OR for the past several years. I am about to launch myself into a career in medicine and public health. I make every attempt to follow my passions and take every chance I get to travel.

This blog followed me through 6.5 months of traveling mostly alone through South and Southeast Asia from October 2012-April 2013, following my thoughts, explorations, and projects involving rural Indian widows and women’s health and rights from a global perspective.

Since my return, the blog continues to follow me as needed.

"Cubans with Cubans" Trinidad, Cuba 2009

“Cubans with Cubans”
Trinidad, Cuba 2009

What I said about myself in September 2012:

I am a recent college graduate who loves to travel. While I haven’t been on a trip in what feels like ages, my memories of past travels and a dire need to explore have me aching for more. Originally from Sedona, AZ, I moved to Portland, OR to study Biology at Reed College. Since my arrival at Reed, life took a turn to the insanely busy and still has not stopped nine-months post-graduation. While I am still busy, the tone has changed as I prepare for my next adventure—this time to Asia.

Although I have done very little in the way of organizing, I do plan to visit Nepal, India, and depending on circumstances, Thailand. I will travel alone as always (nearly).

I absolutely love to travel and, on parts of this trip, will be combining two of my other passions with my travel—healthcare and feminine studies. This blog will, as the sub-title suggests, follow my thoughts and explorations as I travel through a part of the world unknown to me.)


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